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Feeder Protection


Use the RELF-51relay in full range of MV feeder protection and control applications for cables, overhead lines.Directional and non-directional overcurrent, voltage, frequency, MV distance, line differential and vector jump protection functions.

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Fast trip contacts enables subcycle tripping, high breaking capability and trip circuit supervision.
High resolution color TFT display (3.5" or 5.7") with touchscreen interface for built-in and user defined screens.
Scalable modular hardware system in 42HE or 84HE versions.
Redundant power supply operation for high availability.
Software selectable secondary rated voltage and current ranges.
At least 200msec power interruption time.

16 pcs user programmable three-color LEDs on the front panel.

Short device startup time (approximately 5 sec ready to trip).
Built-in 5 port ethernet switch.
Redundant Station Bus (100Base-FX Ethernet).
Process bus (100Base-FX) enables bus bar protection and line differential protection applications.
EOB (Ethernet over Board) or RJ-45 front panel user interface.
Plastic or glass fiber interfaces to support legacy protocols.
Flexible software module configuration for protection, control and automation.
Advanced HMI functionality by color touch-screen and embedded WEB server.
One common powerful graphical user tool for engineering (including IEC61850).
Powerful disturbance and event recording system.


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